Gilmore Pictures, LLC

Gilmore Pictures, LLC

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Gilmore Pictures


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Years in the Wedding Industry: 7
Number of Weddings in My Career: 100+

About the Business

Features: Style Me Pretty

About the Owner

Personal Bio: We are a husband and wife team from Florida.  Jon was born in Miami, FL and was raised in Port St. Joe, FL.  We met and married in Tallahassee.  We moved to Panama City in 2001.  We started our business in 2004 and have been doing wedding films since 2007.  Jon is the creative mastermind behind each project.  Maylim is the assistant and administrative mastermind.
Three Words That Describe My Ideal Bride: 1. Excited, 2. Happy, 3. Relaxed
Three Words That Best Describe My Style of Work: 1. Artistic, 2. Detailed, 3. Dedicated
Something I Would Like People To Know About My Business: We are family-owned and operated.  We are extremely dedicated and hard-working.
If I Had An Extra $100, I Would Do This With It: Save it for a rainy day.
Where I Grew Up: (Jon) Port St. Joe, Florida; (Maylim) Miami Beach, Florida
What Brought Me Here: The beach
A Modern Luxury I Couldn’t Live Without: Computer & Stove/Oven
I Consider Myself A “Pro” at (Besides Regular Profession): (Jon) Technology/Computer Science; (Maylim) Finance/Financial Planning

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