About 30a Wedding Co.

What is the 30a Wedding Co?

Unlike many other wedding companies, the 30a Wedding Co. is NOT an inclusive one-stop wedding shop/studio. We are an assortment (planners, florists, photographers, caterers, rental companies, etc.) of vetted, individual wedding vendors that have been serving the communities of South Walton for years. As vendors, we decided to pool our resources and use social media and an online website & blog presence to showcase the South Walton and 30a areas. We will not push our vendors on your brides. This is mainly because there is not a central person to contact. This is strictly online advertising/marketing for the area and for events in our area (focusing on weddings, but will also include helpful hints and local happenings like concerts, festivals, etc.). Think Style Me Pretty for the area. While we take great pride in our 30a-List of vendors (think SMP’s Little Black Book), you do not have to be on the 30a-List to submit weddings or events to be published and featured!

What is the goal of the 30a Wedding Co?

Our goal is to bring more brides to our beautiful area by showcasing some of the area’s best weddings, venues and the talent of the vendors involved. We would love to encourage local professionals and the support of our incredible, small businesses! The brides we are trying to reach love the area and really appreciate and value the importance of hiring professionals for her big day!

What are the qualifications to be involved?

The 30a-List is an evolving group of luxury event experts who have been nominated by at least 3 existing members, and who go through an application process. The participating 30a-Listers have been vetted on experience, recommendations, consistency and professionalism in the wedding industry. There will be a limited number of vendors in each category of services. If you are interested in being part of the 30a Wedding Co, you may submit an application (details coming soon). If your vendor category is currently full, applications will be kept for future openings and you will be contacted when one becomes available. Vendors are always welcome and encouraged to apply! Don’t be surprised if you are contacted and personally encouraged to apply!  Interested applicants can contact us through hello@30aweddingco.com. Please be patient with us as we get this site launched!

Can I advertise if I’m not in the 30a Wedding Co.’s 30a-List?

Great question! There will be advertising banner opportunities on the 30a website and blog which will be optimized for SEO and showcased alongside other national wedding blogs. As much as we want to feature you and your lovely work, we also want to encourage you to refer our 30a vendors as well, so any wedding with one or more of the 30a-Listers will qualify to be featured on our blog and social media campaigns. If you’re interested in advertising, you can also reach us at hello@30aweddingco.com. If you’re a local wedding planner or photographer, this is a great opportunity to get published and help bring more brides to your own business. We are VERY wedding planner-focused! Who else can keep everyone sane on a wedding day?! Please let us know if you are interested in the submission process and parameters at submit@30aweddingco.com.

Do I have to rent office space with 30a Wedding Co?

Absolutely not! A majority of our 30a wedding vendor friends have their own existing business and work areas. Our office is separate from the marketing/membership aspect of the 30a Wedding Co. It is a great way for our vendors currently working from home to have a professional meeting space/office to meet with their clients and be around other vendors. It has individual offices as well as open area work stations with a coffee bar and kitchen. Think of it as a Starbucks with a lot more privacy, in a professional setting, and a great place to bring your clients or hang out with other wedding vendors! Along with the need for advertising our specific area, this was an additional concept that we just felt was a need in our professional arena, so we lumped it in with our new advertising concept. If you are interested in work-space options, please feel free to contact us!

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