Destin Mobile Makeup Box

Destin Mobile Makeup Box

Destin Mobile Makeup Box

Basic Information

Destin Mobile Makeup Box


By the Numbers

Years in the Wedding Industry: 5
Number of Weddings in My Career: 500+

About the Business

Three Words That Best Describe My Ideal Bride: Communicative, Open to Suggestions, Grateful
Features: Florida Bride, VIP Destin, Northwest Florida Weddings, Emerald Coast Bride, WeddingWire Couples Choice Winner

About the Owner

Personal Bio: My husband and I moved here five years ago because I had a dream to create my business. I have always loved the area and took a leap of faith. I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years. I have always loved making people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. It brings me so much fulfillment and purpose to get the privilege to meet people from all over the US and to be a part of the best day of their lives. I am also blessed with the best team members and I love helping them and coaching them to their full potential.
My Favorite Quote: The road up the mountain may be rocky at times, but the view is always beautiful.
Three words that describe me:  Friendly, Motivating, Trustworthy
My Greatest Weakness Is: I’m a perfectionist and am too hard on myself.
Something I Would Like People To Know About Me: Besides God, family and friends, my business is my hobby and I love what I do.
Something I Would Like People To Know About My Business: We are an on location luxury and can service large bridal parties with multiple artists. We also offer sunless tanning parties!
Where I Grew Up: Chattanooga, TN
Five Things Most People Do Not Know About Me:  1.I have 2 mini dachshunds 2. I have a teaching degree I’ve never used  3. I enjoy baking and find it relaxing 4. I love running 5. Would love to learn to speak fluent Spanish.

Real 30a Weddings

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