Rae Leytham Photography

Rae Leytham Photography

Basic Information


By the Numbers

Years in the Industry: 12
Number of Weddings in My Career: 350

About the Business

Three Words That Best Describe My Style of Work: Timeless, clean, vibrant.
Features: The Knot, Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Gulf Coast Bride, Every Last Detail, Weddings Unveiled, Weddings Illustrated, Grace Ormonde, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Emerald Coast Bride, Floridian Weddings, Alabama Bride, Sense, Martha Stewart, Coastal Weddings

About the Owner

Personal Bio: We are a husband-wife team and have been shooting weddings for more than 12 years.  We put our hearts and souls into our business.  We met in high school and were great friends for several years before getting married in 2000.  We have three daughters (Avery 7, Maggie & Saylor 3), that keep us busy when we aren’t working.  When we aren’t working, we enjoy taking our boat to secluded beaches or traveling somewhere interesting in our camper.  We take our Springer Spaniel, Baxter, with us as much as possible.  Family and photography fill our lives. 
Something I Would Like People To Know About Me: To build a photography business, Rae left her dream job in forensics and Wes left a Civil Engineering career.  
If I had an Extra $100, I Would Do This With It:  A quiet steak dinner for the two of us. I’m sure a cocktail or two would be involved.
Where We Grew Up:  Mobile, AL
My Greatest Strength Is: {Wes} My loyalty; {Rae} My glass is always half-full
What Brought Me Here: {Wes} A job; {Rae} A man
A Modern Luxury I Couldn’t Live Without: {Wes} Netflix; {Rae} iPhone
I Consider Myself a Pro at (Besides Regular Profession):  {Wes} Sailing; {Rae}: Giving Therapy
Five Things Most People Do Not Know About Me:  1. We went to two proms together as friends, 2. Our families have known each other for over 50 years, but we didn’t meet until high school, 3. Wes is a cancer survivor (14 years in remission), 4. Rae is a lefty with a Biology degree and one class shy of a Chemistry minor, 5. All three of our children are test tube babies (Yay for IVF!)

Real 30a Weddings

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