The Pointe on 30A

The Pointe on 30a

The Pointe on 30a

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The Pointe on 30A


About the Business

Offering luxurious accommodations in beautiful Inlet Beach, The Pointe on 30A is a boutique, hotel-style resort offering bold aesthetics, exceptional amenities, and a picturesque location perfect for weddings at the entrance to Scenic Highway 30A’s distinguished east end. The Pointe offers limitless opportunity for larger retreats, events and weddings, with a rooftop sanctuary and green space located at the core of the resort. These event spaces can accommodate most event requests. View our Wedding Video.

Rooftop Sanctuary

With panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico, sprinkled with the peaks of Rosemary Beach, the Rooftop Sanctuary is a private and intimate space for a celebration. Equipped with a built-in bar area, this space is perfect for entertaining and requires minimal alteration with it’s beautiful backdrop of the ocean. ‘A picturesque sanctuary’ hardly does it justice.

The Green

Resting at the center of The Pointe, The Green’s clean and sleek design provides endless opportunity for an event. Imagine a ceremony with white drapery enveloping you and your guests, creating a lavish and intimate haven. Or, a cocktail party with café lights illuminating the night sky. Imagination is possibility with The Green.

Book your next wedding at The Pointe to experience sophistication, style, and our award-winning service!

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