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Years in the Wedding Industry: 2 Years

About the Business

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Reserved, Energetic, Happy
Features: VIP Destin, Walton Sun, South Walton Life

About the Owner

Personal Bio: I grew up in Greenville, MS. My family and I vacationed on 30A and just fell in love – so much so that we all started slowly moving to the area. I am married to my husband Tyler, and we have two children, Deaton and Ella Compton. I was a teacher for 6 years in the MS Delta before opening my dream boutique, Margaret Ellen Bridal. I have made it my mission to provide every bride that enters my door the best possible experience- one that she will remember forever.
My Favorite Quote:“If you can dream it, you can do it!” – Walt Disney
When I refer another vendor, that person must possess these qualities:  Diligence, Honesty, Sincerity
My Greatest Strength Is: Organization and Time Management
My Favorite Sweet Treat: Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Shortbread Cookies
Something I Would Like People To Know About Me: I always tell my brides the experience that they will receive before they ever even enter into Margaret Ellen Bridal. I want everyone to know that the bride will receive a unique experience with the focus being on the bride. Giving each bride two hours to be the only person in the store gives them the time and clarity to make the best decision possible. We are owner run so the bride is actually working with the owner from start to finish, which I believe is so very important. This shop is my passion and I want to make each and every appointment perfect for my girls. When you become a #margaretellenbride you truly become a member of our family.
Where I Grew Up:  Greenville, MS
Five Things Most People Do Not Know About Me:
      1. I met Taylor Swift when I was 16 years old. Today, I am still just in love with her and her music as I was then.
      2. Growing up, I wanted to study fashion design and design wedding gowns. (Thanks to the Parent Trap)
      3. Disney World is my happy place. I get the love for it from my dad!
      4. I am the baby of four kids, with quite a bit of age difference between me and them.
      5. I have had my 30 minutes of fame by being on a TV show called “How Close Can I Beach?” that was featured on HGTV.

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