Brandy and Greg: A Celebration Hall Wedding

Brandy and Greg chose a relatively new local venue called Celebration Hall to say “I do,” and headed back to the SanDestin Beach Club for thier reception. When we asked the couple why they chose 30A to get married, Brandy said, “Greg and I knew from the beginning of our engagement that we wanted to be married in Miramar Beach, where we became friends and fell in love. Being blessed to live in such a gorgeous wedding destination, it seemed only natural to bring our closest family and friends to the Emerald Coast to share in our celebration.”

Such a beautiful wedding, and we were particularly tickled when we noticed the fabulous Lindsey Bray of Pure 7 Studios was actually a bridesmaid for Brandy! Erica shared with us that another 30-A Lister, Candice KausHagen filled in for Lindsey that day to shoot with Ryan. Beyond being a group of luxury event experts, we really feel like we are a community of talented creatives who support one another. Candice filling in for Lindsey is a perfect example of the sense of community we get to enjoy every day!

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30A-Lister: Pure 7 Studios

Photography: Pure 7 Studios | Ceremony Venue: Celebration Hall | Florist: Celestine’s Special Occasions | Caterer:  Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort | Hair:  Johnathan Doria | Makeup:  Yvette Nation | DJ: Samuel Blowes  | Ceremony Musician: Kyle LaMonica | Cinematographer: Pure 7 Studios

I'm Cali and have been in the wedding industry for over 10 years, doing everything from Wedding Planning to my most current gig, Videography. I relocated to 30a from the Midwest and I'm familiar with all types of weddings, have experienced both the good and the bad. I'm ready to share my tips and tricks with you so your wedding day can be as smooth as possible!

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