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B-Boy Productions

Here at 30A Wedding Co., we are honored to have Brian Buonassissi and his company B-Boy Productions, Inc. on the A-list. He started the business right out of high school so he’s been doing this for over 19 years now in Los Angeles,  New York, and along 30A.

Our favorite thing about Brian is how he came up with the name B-Boy Productions, Inc. “Believe it or not, I was never a B-Boy (break dancer) nor did I ever DJ for B-Boys. My Italian last name Buonassissi can be intimidating to try and pronounce so with my first name being Brian, my nickname ended up being “B-Boy”. I took that and ran with it. To this day, we get at least 1-2 inquiries a year asking if we provide break dancers,” said Brian.


He also told us he prides his business on being more than just a team of employees. They are a family. He credits their strong family bond to working together everyday offering products and services with “high value.” One of the five words he used when we asked him to describe his business.

The other four words are: boutique, creative, cutting edge, and passionate. If you’ever seen someone from B-Boy DJ you’d probably understand why. They are so good they’ve actually had a client ask for their company availability so they could plan their wedding day around B-Boy. Talk about the ultimate compliment!

Of course, Brian and his 30 employees are happy to cater to your schedule and every need in order to make sure you have the night of your life. Their passion is taking your vision to the next level. Everyone at B-Boy Productions wants to not just set the bar high, but to also exceed your expectation. That’s the kind of dedication we look for in our vendors at 30A Wedding Co.


Now, we would normally just sign off there but Brian shared a story with us we just couldn’t leave out. We asked him which gig was his favorite of all the events he’s worked.

He sent us the video above and then said, “The event was outside at WaterColor and the best man (who also was the groom’s brother) happened to be the lead choreographer/dancer for Britney Spears. To say, he had moves was an understatement. Turns out that all of their guests were amazing dancers. This 200 person wedding was dancing from start to finish. In fact, once the 10PM noise ordinance kicked in, they had an “after party” inside the Lakehouse ready to go. We continued on until 2AM. Yes, 8 hours of straight dancing. Bonus: I think I lost 10lbs that night thanks to the humidity.”

We proud to have B-Boy on our A-list and if you haven’t already check out their website and follow them social media!

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