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Myrtie Blue Florals

It’s hard to imagine up until nine years ago brides didn’t have the option of going to Myrtie Blue for their flowers.  Brian and Gene make us feel complete here at the 30A Wedding Co. Like many of our A-listers, they aren’t located on 30A but their quality and class brought the demand from their shop in Fort Walton Beach all the way to 30A.

Myrtie Blue Florals

Myrtie Blue can be described in five words; intuitive detailed event & floral design. Weddings aren’t their only specialty, but when you live and work in a destination with our beautiful beaches they are bound to be a big part of business. Brian said, “Flowers started our business and flowers are part of weddings. The more weddings we did the more our business went in the direction of 30A.”


Their reputation precedes them because they help couples create and design beautiful floral focused events. Flowers aren’t just a background accessory at Myrtie Blue, they’re carefully placed to resonate within their surroundings.

Myrtie Blue Florals

This is particularly true when we get a rain threat. Brian explained it better than we ever could saying, “it can throw a major monkey wrench into the most well thought out design. Funny thing is, some of our favorite work comes out of going into rain plan. Unexpected rain and venue changes can bring about new ideas and some fun innovation. Of course working with some of the best vendors in the industry makes that all the more easy!”

Myrtie Blue Florals
When we asked what their proudest moment is they quickly told us it’s catching the bride and groom with tears of joy when they see their dream become a reality. It probably happens all the time. Brian and Gene strive to exceed even the wildest of dreams when working on an event.

To see more of their floral fantasies be sure to visit Myrtie Blue Online.

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