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I had the pleasure of asking Joanna Banks-Morgan of Sixpence Productions a few questions to get to know her and the business a little better.

Her connection to photography and video goes back a long time. Joanna could develop black and white film in a dark room by the time she was 10. Being the daughter of a journalist and an actor, it seemed she got bit by the bug at a young age. “I started my television career in 1992 with British broadcaster Westcountry Television. I quickly learned that I was going to need to supplement my income (journalism salaries are notoriously low). I filmed my first wedding that year, and throughout my journalism career turned to wedding films to generate extra income,” said Joanna.

Turns out she’s also a Florida native; so after 18 years away she decided to come home landing herself on 30A for the beautiful beaches. Moving back to Florida was also when Joanna and her husband, Rob, decided it was time to take the wedding business full time.

Sixpence Productions

It’s now been nine years since Joanna and Rob joined the wedding industry on 30A. Originally they named the business Diva Productions and later decided to do a name change and re branding to Sixpence Productions. The new name honors who they are and better reflects their clientele. You can see the full story on their website.

Knowing they’ve gone through some changes, we had to know what they consider their proudest moment. Joanna said, “I’m an emotion junkie. So, it has to be anytime couples, family members or even total strangers tell me that one of our films made them cry. I love it when brides say to me “I don’t even know those people and I was tearing up!”

Sixpence Productions

Clearly they believe a wedding film should be about you. Not the details of the day Joanna likes to call “the pretties.”  Of course you want to remember what everything looked like. If you ask, Joanna will tell you that’s no excuse for missing moments that tell the story of the couple with their family, friends, and faith.

In closing we like to ask everyone what five words best describe their business. Without hesitation Joanna said,  “we’re focused on faith, family and friends,” and then very quickly added, “much like our couples!”

Sixpence Productions

We love having SixpenceProductions and their years of experience around the world on the 30A-list. Stay in touch with them!

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