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Sweet For Sirten | Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Our Sweet Q & A with Jessica Sirten.

Owner & Cake Designer at Sweet For Sirten.


We sat down for a little Q&A with 30A-Lister Jessica Sirten to learn all about how Sweet For Sirten came to be and why she loves working with brides to make their wedding cake dreams come true!

30AWCo : Your company name is so creative. How did you come up with Sweet For Sirten?

Jessica: Sweet For Sirten came from a Dave Matthews Band lyric from the song ‘Two Step’ – life is short, but sweet for certain. With our last name being Sirten, we thought it was fitting!

30AWCo.: How long have you been in business?

Jessica: Since July 2011, when the Florida Cottage Food Law was passed.

30AWCo: How did you get your start working in the wedding industry on 30A?

Jessica: Sheer luck! We live in such a beautiful place, and are so blessed that so many wonderful brides choose to get married here – they all need cake! 😉

Sweet For Sirten

Photo By The Jacksons Photography

30AWCo:  If you could only use 5 words to describe your business what would they be?

Jessica:  Sweet, Southern, Classic, Delicious, Stylish

30AWCo: You’ve made so many stunningly beautiful cakes but what’s your proudest moment for the business?

Jessica: This is a tough one. Having the pleasure of creating a wedding cake for a celebrity was up there, but I have to say that I am proud of us every time we get a referral from a local planner or vendor – to have that trust is crucial and so special.

30AWCo: We really are a family here on 30A. 🙂  What’s the one thing you want people to know about you or your business?

Jessica: We are a boutique style home-based ‘cakery’. I am completely self-taught and always learning new things!

30AWCo: Self taught? That’s really impressive and your passion really shows through in the work!  But that’s just what we think. If all of your customers came back saying the same thing, what would you want it to be?

Jessica: The cake was beautiful AND scrumptious!

30AWCo: Well in our experience those are two words that always get used so you’re definitely on the right track.  Your whole life can’t be all about cake thought. Tell us one thing you think people would be surprised to learn about you.

Jessica: I’m such an introvert – home is the best place to be. Also, I was a vocal musician in college – the Metropolitan Opera was my dream for about 3 years.

30AWCo: That’s incredible. Seems like your new dream as a cake designer is going great and we’re definitely excited to be part of it.  Where on social media can people find you if they want to  be part of it too?

Jessica: Well we have a website and people can find us on Faceook, Pinterest, and Instagram

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