No Waste Wedding Ideas

No Waste Wedding Ideas

No Waste Wedding Ideas

​As we progress into 2018, “going green” has become more and more prevalent in our daily lives. More and more people are recycling everyday, so why not carry that over into your wedding day? Small changes can make a big impact on keeping our community clean. Here are a few no waste wedding ideas that have little to no cost.

Starting with your reception dinner, there are a variety of ways to reduce the amount of waste from your guests. Talk with your caterer about the possibility of using real silverware, plates and glassware instead of plastic utensils that will end up in the trash. Not only will it look more elegant, but the ability to wash them at the end of the evening will be the greenest thing you can do.

Have leftover cake? Instead of tossing it, order biodegradable to go containers for your guests to take their piece home. Customize them with your monogram, names, or wedding date to be even more personal. “I have seen quite a few 2018 brides make plans for the leftover cake {having special to-go boxes and using it as a favor, etc.}, or simply ordering smaller cakes to eliminate the possibility of leftovers.” – Jessica Sirten of Sweet for Sirten told us. Having that option will encourage guests to take their excess with them instead of tossing it.

Florals are another area with high waste. Consider donating the flowers after the wedding to give them an extended life, or repurposing them over the course of your weekend. Use them as centerpieces and encourage your guests to take them at the end of the evening, or let your bridesmaids carry something else down the aisle in lieu of bouquets (think clutches, jeweled bouquets, or even puppies!)

When it comes to the bar area, think about eliminating cocktail napkins and using additional glassware instead of glass or aluminum cans. If you decide against the glassware, having a secondary trash can for recyclables is also an option for guests to place their cans or bottles in when empty. This includes empty wine bottles, liquor bottles, etc.

Many venues are starting to incorporate these no waste wedding ideas and have partnerships with local recycling centers. “We are implementing after-event recyclable pick-ups in Carillon Beach,” said Avis Glenister with Carillon Weddings at Carillon Beach and Peach and Pearl Events.  “It takes a little extra effort to keep things organized, but ​I feel ​responsible to do even a small part in my piece of the universe.” And we couldn’t agree more. A few small steps every weekend can make a big impact over time.

“It’s important to m​e​ to be​ a mindful human being, who happens to be a wedding planner,” Avis told us. “We have so many tourists and weddings along this area, and with that comes huge waves of waste – think beer and wine bottles, plastic water bottles, etc.”

Any small step will help, so consider incorporating a few no waste wedding ideas into your big day. 30A Recycle has begun partnering with venues to make this happen, or if you’re visiting and you’d like to recycle in your rented beach house, give them a call to arrange a pickup once your week stay has ended. Our planet will thank you!

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