Holly Gardner Photography | Panama City Beach, FL

The 30A Wedding Co. is made up of the best in the business when it comes to making sure a wedding day is a dream come true. In fact, we’re so proud of our vendors we’ve decided to show you who they are and not just what they do. Today we’re excited to introduce Holly Gardner and her company Holly Gardner Photography.


Based in Panama City Beach, Florida, Holly has been a wedding photographer on 30A for the past six and a half years. Before becoming a photographer she was an engineer. When she told us about making the switch we just had to know why. “Wedding photography is one of the most challenging types of photography both technically and personally. I find that the intensity of emotions, quick pace, and the pressure of the day (no do over!) really gets my heart pumping. It’s addicting and I love it!,” said Holly.


We’re glad she loves it because her love for wedding photography is an asset to 30A Wedding Co. and shows up very clearly in her work. Holly is so passionate about what she does she’s admitted to tearing up during the first dance. It’s that same passion driving her to strive for the best. The only thing she wants her clients saying when all is said and done is, “the pictures were amazing and i didn’t even know she was there.”


For fun we asked Holly to pick five words that best describe her business. She chose clean, colorful, fun, adventurous, and often intense. We couldn’t agree more! Especially adventurous. Sometimes things come up unexpectedly day of and Holly knows exactly how to handle it making sure everyone leaves happy.


Holly prides herself in taking the time to get to know her clients. Understanding the client is a very important part of the job because when it comes time to save someone’s memories forever, she knows what matters most to them.

To see more of her amazing work go to hollygardner.com and follow Holly Gardner Photography on facebook and instagram.




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