Julie and Ralph: An Alys Beach Wedding

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30A-Lister’s: Rae Leytham Photography, Sixpence Productions, Carillon Weddings, Townsend Catering, Confections on the Coast

Photographer: Rae Leytham Photography | Planner: Carillon Weddings | Cinematography: Sixpence Productions | Song: “Easier Tonight” by Matt Wertz, licensed through The Music Bed | Floral Decor: Nouveau Flowers | Cake: Confections on the Coast | Catering: Townsend Catering | Band: Loose Chain

I'm Cali and have been in the wedding industry for over 10 years, doing everything from Wedding Planning to my most current gig, Videography. I relocated to 30a from the Midwest and I'm familiar with all types of weddings, have experienced both the good and the bad. I'm ready to share my tips and tricks with you so your wedding day can be as smooth as possible!

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